Since 2015, I’ve worked in various museums and within their various departments. I’ve found a home for myself in collections, research, and exhibitions (particularly within archaeological collections and projects).

In 2019, I began working with the Museum of Classical Antiquities (University of Ottawa) as one of two Collections Managers. The two of us supervised undergraduate students in various projects, mostly within the realm of collections duties, research, and exhibition design. This included beginning a project to revamp the permanent displays to make them more accessible, even 3D scanning and printing replicas of artefacts on the display for tactile engagement. A public AIA: Ottawa Chapter lecture on these projects can be viewed here.

I spent the summers of 2021 – 2023 working with the Gabii Project in Italy in special finds. In the summer of 2022, I was a part of the Legacy Data Project, a collaboration with the Soprintendenza to study unpublished materials from excavations at Gabii in the 1990s.

In the summer of 2022, I also received a CUROP award through the Faculty of Arts & Social Science at Carleton University to develop and lead a research project. Furthermore, in the summer of 2023, I received travel and research funding from the Department of History at the University of Western Ontario to pursue internships abroad and research in the UK.

Most recently, I completed my MA Public History at the University of Western Ontario and through this degree have had the chance to work on the Bath Springs, Nevis Oral History Project to complement current archaeological research, publish collaborative research in the form of a 217 page report, and complete a placement with Heritage Malta.

I am now working on contract projects and my own research, focusing on medieval Maltese archaeological materials, Maltese-Palestinian relations, and British colonial interactions with Maltese cultural heritage.

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Nigel is a pale skinned man with black hair and light facial hair and he is wearing a black button up shirt with white artichokes all over it. He stands in the doorway to a early Etruscan tomb made of tufa limestone.

I stand with Palestine, BDS, the TRC, and the Land Back movement and I fully support the fight against settler colonialism. 🇵🇸

I work and live in Baketigweyaang — the territory of the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Lūnaapéewak, and Chonnonton.